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About us

Rosa s.r.l. is a company in the province of Parma. It is driven by awareness of the great potential of the area and has set itself the goal to enhance and to promote, in Italy and in other parts of the world, only the excellence of the Italian culinary tradition, with a particular focus on the Emilian specialties.

Over the years and numerous travels in Italy and abroad we have discovered many realities and personally known many small and large food producers, people who love their work and their land. We have built friendships and collaborations with a lot of them and we welcomed their products on our site to the satisfaction of our customers and of who want to enjoy continually new experiences.

We think that food is not only a basic necessity, but also a way of knowing and living unforgettable human experiences.

“I need to know the history of a food. I have to know where it came from. I have to imagine the hands that have cultivated, worked and cooked what I eat.”(Carlo Petrini)

We offer ourselves as a reliable and efficient partner, able to provide a wide range of top quality typical
products, with no distance limits.
In fact, we have efficient logistic collaborators who allow us to deliver in a few days in all parts of Europe.

We are founding members of the “Italiaishere consortium” and members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany and the United Kingdom with the code “Rosa srl”.