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The area

All of Italy features an ancient agricultural and food tradition, which boasts hundreds of typical products appreciated the world over.

The region which best represents the Italian gastronomic heritage is the Emilia Romagna which, thanks to the high number of internationally renowned specialities, has earned the moniker of "Italian Food Valley."

The region in fact is home to more than 40 products marked by protection marks, such as DOP and IGP, which certify their uniqueness, arising from the deep bond with the area of origin and strict compliance with the traditional processing method.

The Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) is attributed to those food products the quality features of which essentially or exclusively depend on the area where they are produced. All production stages must therefore be carried out within that specific geographical area, characterised by a unique combination of natural and human factors.

The IGP mark, instead, stands for Protected Geographical Indication and is attributed to agrifood products that possess qualities or features determined by the geographic origin. Unlike the Protected Designation of Origin, the IGP mark does not require all production stages to be carried out within the area of origin, but it is sufficient even for just one of them to be carried out in that area.

A big part of our products, regardless of the certifying mark, are made in the provinces of Parma, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Mantova and each one of them originates from a unique combination of human and environmental factors.

These areas in fact, in addition to having a centuries-old agri-food tradition and a dynamic social-entrepreneurial fabric, enjoy a humid and temperate climate, especially suited to the slow curing and seasoning required by typical products.

The indissoluble bond of DOP and IGP-marked products with their area of origin demands safeguarding and protecting ecosystems and biodiversity.

That is why all the processes of our products are carried out in a fully environmentally-friendly manner.