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Succhi di Frutta: una merenda che piace a tutti!

Succhi di Frutta: una merenda che piace a tutti!

Today we are talking about fruit juices, because there are many types on the market and choosing one that is really good and genuine is not that simple. Think that in some of them real fruit is not actually present, but in its place we find dyes and aromas.

The deception, in short, is around the corner.

Vitamins and antioxidants

Fruit juices, the real ones, are actually a great way to fill up with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and in this way children too, which are usually rather acrimonious towards fruit and vegetables, can easily eat them.

These non-alcoholic soft drinks are made of fruit, water and sugar in varying proportions and based on these percentages also change their official name.

The originals, which also come to consist of 100% fruit, are Juices made with centrifuges and extractors, or juices; they keep intact all the organoleptic properties of the fruit and have no added sugar.

Instead they are called Nectar products where fruit is present for a total of 20%, while fruit flavored beverages contain even lower percentages, for example, orange juice.

Organic and without added sugars

But if we do not own an extractor or a centrifuge? Do we have to give up these delicious products?

In reality we can go in search of natural, organic fruit juices without added sugars: let's not forget that fruit by its nature contains fructose which in itself guarantees the sweetness of the products.

If we want to take a natural and healthy product we must therefore avoid all those products that proclaim themselves to the taste of fruit: they are often real drinks composed only of dyes and added sugars ... because they are anything except natural!

It is very important to read the labels not to fill up with additives and dyes instead of vitamins and antioxidants.

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