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Lo Zenzero: una radice dalle sorprendenti proprietà

Lo Zenzero: una radice dalle sorprendenti proprietà

And suddenly autumn comes. Like every year, when we are still inebriated by summer memories, in October the cold climate takes over. We are not yet ready to pull out sweaters, scarves and duvets, but it is inevitable.

Fight the flu with natural methods Autumn also rhymes with flu and cold.

A natural product that allows us to contrast the typical seasonal illnesses thanks to its powerful healing properties is ginger, a root with analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Ginger is an all-natural medicine: rich in antiviral compounds, it acts like a real antiseptic, and is able to alleviate sore throat and cough by fighting inflammation of the mucous membranes.

The ginger root can also be used to reduce the sense of nausea: chewing a piece of ginger in fact produces an instant benefit against morning sickness, car and sea sickness.

Ginger is also excellent as a natural and antacid digestive and as a calming, especially when we have muscular pains.

Get in shape with Ginger

A secret property of this product is that thanks to the presence of gingerol and shogaol it helps to drain excess fluids and increases our metabolism, also has remarkable toning properties and is therefore considered an essential food if we want to lose weight and get back in shape .

One last tip! To keep the properties of the root as much as possible, keep the rhizome in a paper bag and store it in plastic, close it well and place it in the fridge. In this way you will keep intact all the organoleptic properties that we will need to defeat the cold winter months!

A touch of taste to your dishes

The origins of the use of this root are certainly not Italian, but in recent years we have also learned to use it in the kitchen and to enhance our sweet and savory dishes with a touch of originality. Rosa Shop offers you for example Tortelloni with chickpeas and ginger, a tasty dish to try now!