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Il prosciutto di Parma: un curioso processo produttivo

Among all the products that the Emiliana tradition offers Parma Ham is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated cured meats for adults and children, and for this reason it is exported not only in Italy but also abroad.

The processing

Processing and maturing of Parma Ham take place in the hills of the province, where, thanks to the climatic conditions and the skill of the master salters, the meats acquire the unmistakable sweet and balanced flavor.

Quality check

Monitoring the seasoning process is essential for a good result, but few people know that to do it is used a needle made from a horse bone. Yes, you understood correctly! In fact, the horse bone is able to absorb the aroma of the meat and then lose it soon after. For this reason, experts trained specifically to recognize the characteristics of the ham through the sense of smell, insert the needle into the meat and evaluate the scent. Curious, right?

The sugnatura

At the sixth month of maturation, the lean part of the ham is covered with a thin layer of pork fat, flavored with salt and pepper. This dough is called sugnatura and has the function of keeping the meat hydrated as well as protecting it from external agents. The operation can be repeated in the following months.

This product with an unmistakable taste is therefore made with natural ingredients and according to the traditional technique. We at Rosa Shop select it for you and we propose it whole, boned or sliced.

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