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Il Panettone: Curiosità e origine

Il panettone: Curiosità e origine

Christmas means parties, gifts and traditions: each territory has its own especially in the kitchen, but there is a sweet that for centuries unites all of Italy in this period ... Panettone!

It is a sweet of Milanese origin and is the food that more than anything else represents Christmas.

It is said that the origins of this soft leavened date back to the times of Ludovico il Moro, when, during a sumptuous Christmas lunch, Toni, a young helper of the cook, preparing this dessert, remedied the cooking incident that had made the cake official had carbonized. He told the cook, desperate for what had happened, that he had invented this recipe with what remained in the pantry (flour, butter, eggs, raisins and candied fruit), and offered to bring it to the table for guests. When they tasted it they were enthusiastic and wanted to know what the name of the dish was. Then the cook answered: "L'è 'l pan del Toni", a name that remained and came in the years transformed into Panettone.

Panettone of Rosashop

This recipe includes several variations but the basic ingredient is freshness: At Rosa Shop we offer it to you in an artisan apricot version, without candied fruit! Bring a light, soft and delicate product to the table, end your holidays with a smile!