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Small artisanal producers, Great Italian quality

The production of the agri-food sector of the Emilia-Romagna region is characterized by the presence of numerous small local producers who carry out their activity in compliance with the ancient techniques of craftsmanship, handed down over the centuries with passion and dedication.

Mamma Rosa and her team of tasters, the Taste Team, have selected for you only the most deserving artisan producers, able not only to best represent the Emilia and Romagna agri-food traditions thanks to the excellence of their products, but also to receive for this certifications and awards, including the European quality marks, DOP and IGP.

To be able to adorn their products with these brands, producers must comply with a strict disciplinary established by the protection consortium, which establishes regulations to be followed throughout the production process.

These limits range from the boundaries of the area of ​​origin to the organoleptic characteristics of the finished products.

For this reason, only the most qualified producers are able to obtain these certifications and boast the absolute guarantee of excellence and uniqueness, deriving from the essential combination of territory of origin, high quality ingredients and traditional processing methods.